33: Friends + Machine Learning with Jesper Algaard

March 18, 2022 Terri + Manya Season 2 Episode 11
33: Friends + Machine Learning with Jesper Algaard
Show Notes

From Project BFF HQ and Bergen, Norway, Terri + Manya riff with Jesper Algaard, founder and CEO of the Venn app, about machine learning and friendships.

Venn means friend in Norwegian.

How do we figure out who we will be friends with?  What kind of people do we hang out with and why? And what do computers have to do with it? And how can technology make it easier to make a connection?

Jesper and the team at Venn have been doing some research about how we relate to each other and how people trust each other. Yet these qualitative studies only give a small piece of the story. How can machine learning help us understand what really draws friends to each other?

What kind of friend are you looking for--like, a gym partner, a travel partner, or a gaming buddy, for example? What are you interested in doing with a friend? What kind of social settings do you prefer? Once you enter in that info, you can find new friends. Venn has connected 10,000 friendships so far. And they have evolved to connect people in many different ways, including their new group activity setting (because for some folks, it can be easier to get to know people in a group instead of one to one.)

Download Venn here or in the app store, the app that makes it easy to find new people and create activities based on interests and preferences.

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