35: Making friends by volunteering

April 01, 2022 Terri + Manya Season 2 Episode 13
35: Making friends by volunteering
Show Notes

From Project BFF HQ, Terri + Manya riff about making friends by volunteering.

For those who have time to volunteer, it can be a great way to meet people. You are doing something you both enjoy and helping out the community. It isn't automatic that you will connect with someone while you volunteer, but you have a very good chance--since having things in common and spending time together are key building blocks for a friendship.

Volunteering is also a great way to strengthen existing friendships when you volunteer together and practice your social skills--even if you don't become close friends with anyone you share similar interest and have a shared topic to discuss.

In a recent survey, 1 in 5 people said that volunteering is a way to combat loneliness.

We discuss volunteering for organizations that have personal meaning for you. And how not every volunteer opportunity is the right fit.


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