38: How can I leave a group of friends?

April 22, 2022 Terri + Manya Season 2 Episode 16
38: How can I leave a group of friends?
Show Notes

From Project BFF HQ, Terri + Manya riff about how to leave a group of friends.

Tips for leaving a group of friends:

  • You can make it quick, like pulling off a bandage, or slow and steady, where you spend less time with these friends
  • Be honest and respect their feelings, but it may also require tact. Sometimes vague (and honest) answers or explanations may be the best option.
  • Friends may try to bring you back into the fold. If there is a chance (i.e., changed behavior means you want to stay with the group) then be open about what you need. If you need to leave (for whatever reason including if the group is a bad influence or they don't treat you well), stand your ground.

As with so many things relationship related, these may be easier said then done.

Groups of friends are fabulous. Check out episode 37, the opposite of this one, in which we talked about joining a group of friends.

How to leave a group of friends, WikiHow


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