43: Cross-sex friendships

May 27, 2022 Terri + Manya Season 2 Episode 21
43: Cross-sex friendships
Show Notes

From Project BFF, Terri + Manya riff about cross-sex friendships (i.e., friendships between men and women).

This week we learned, and then talked about, men and women being friends with each other. We also learned that cross-sex friendship is referred to as heterosociality.

It turns out, that while many of us do have friends of the opposite sex, many people prefer to have same-sex friends and some have a significant subgroup of cross-sex friends. And both men and women who tend to value tradition and conformity have lower heterosociality.

 (Note: In this episode we just discussed friendships between men and women. We will explore friendships across other types of gender identities in an upcoming episode.)

What Drives Friendship Between Men and Women? by Grant Hilary Brenner MD, DFAPA on
The Men Who Have Mostly Female Friends, by Lauren Larson in GQ
Can Men & Women Just Be Friends? by Allison and David White, in Goop

Brought to you by Project BFF.  We love talking about friends + friendships. 

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