78: To Be Known with Chaz Coggins

June 16, 2023 Terri + Manya Season 3 Episode 16
78: To Be Known with Chaz Coggins
Show Notes

From Project BFF HQ, Terri + Manya talk with Chaz Coggins, RN, Airbnb SuperHost and To Be Known game creator.  We talk about how life doesn't happen to us, it happens through us, how to appreciate the beauty we create in our lives, and the game he created during the pandemic to provide a means to find deep intimacy, friendship, and connection.

Chaz brings to this conversation the love, care, and curiosity to get to know people that we know he exhibits his patients. Aware that most people wear an emotional mask, he created a game that allows people to remove that mask, show and experience the beauty of finally being Known. We had the best time talking with Chaz!

If you want to be known or get to know your friends on a deeper level, check out his game: To Be Known, and follow the game on Instagram.


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