Scheduling time for joy with Amy Behimer

July 07, 2023 Terri + Manya Season 3 Episode 19
Scheduling time for joy with Amy Behimer
Show Notes

From Project BFF HQ, Terri + Manya chat with Amy Behimer, a certified health coach, pharmacist,  autoimmune warrior, and founder of the Autoimmune Academy.  We discussed using our empathy muscle, how humans are wired to belong, and minimizing decision fatigue about friend relationships by scheduling time for joy and connection.

We also talked about setting boundaries and saying no; or saying no for now, but not forever. And also find out how Amy sometimes sets up a Plan B for activities with friends, and when they won't let her get away with it.

Amy is committed to helping her clients increase the quality of time spent on their health so you can increase the quantity of time spent enjoying it. She helps her clients  gain energy, clarity, and confidence to create physical and emotional health to enable people to feel better and love their life, even with autoimmune disease.

Check out her podcast: The Habit Hub for Autoimmune Health and her website: Amy Behimer Coaching 


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